Software - Proprietary:
Bayesian Decomposition


Bayesian Decomposition has been designed in order to untangle interacting signals in many scientific areas, including microarray expression analysis.

Platforms available:

Solaris, Linux, and MacOS X

Download Procedure:

  1. Download the Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA)
  2. Read and understand the form
  3. Complete the top portion of the MTA with your
    • Name
    • Affiliation
    • Address
  4. Sign the form. Be sure to include an e-mail address.
  5. FAX the completed form to Fox Chase Cancer Center, as described on the MTA:
          Fox Chase Cancer Center,
          Attn: Thomas Moloshok,
          FAX: 215-728-2513
  6. Upon acceptance of the completed MTA you will receive by e-mail a user name and password to access the Bayesian Decomposition download page.

    If you do not receive information for access to our download page within two (2) weeks please contact us.

Related Software:

  • PattRun - An imaging program designed to allow users to view two-dimensional graphs of output data from Bayesian Decomposition experiments and to output tab-delimited files containing desired sets of data. The source code is released under the GNU general public license (GPL).
  • ClutrFree - A cluster viewer package available as a java Application. ClutrFree provides essentially the ability to compare microarray clusters issued from different experiments, i.e. the same algorithm used with different parameters or different algorithms. ClutrFree features a procedure to construct a tree from those clusters to infer which ones are more stable among different experiments. Also, ClutrFree displays genes and their memberships along with annotations and ontology. Source code, pre-compiled bytecode, documentation and test datasets are provided. The source code is released under the GNU general public license (GPL).


  • 'Application of Bayesian Decomposition for analysing microarray data', T.D. Moloshok, R. R. Klevecz, J. D. Grant, F. J. Manion, W. F. Speier, IV, and M. F. Ochs, Bioinformatics 18: 566-575, 2002.

  • 'Bayesian Decomposition Analysis of Gene Expression in Yeast Deletion Mutants', Ghislain Bidaut, Thomas D. Moloshok, Jeffrey D. Grant, Frank J. Manion, and Michael F. Ochs, CAMDA-2001.


Contact Information:

Michael Ochs
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Philadelphia, PA 19111