edu.fccc Classes of general utility.
edu.fccc.fgdp The guts of the FGDP: data types, analysis types, and analysis step helpers.
edu.fccc.fgdp.chart Extensions (via the Bundle classes) which make charts from the pipeline output.
edu.fccc.fgdp.distributed The infrastructure for rmi-based distributed computing in the FGDP.
edu.fccc.fgdp.external Handles importation of data and talking about importation of data.
edu.fccc.fgdp.module Modules for use in the FGDP.
edu.fccc.fgdp.web the fgdp webapp that comprises the gui.
edu.fccc.vf Virtual File Systems
edu.fccc.waveread Waveread
formtoolkit A toolbox for compactly describing forms, and a method for converting them into HTML